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Penguin Military Intelligence Agency


Welcome to the official site of the
Penguin Military Intelligence Agency.

Feel free to look around as you please.

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The Penguin Military:
Truth. Justice. Fish.

We are waiting for you.

Welcome to the official site of the Penguin Military Intelligence Agency.  Allow me to introduce myself... I am the Penguin Overlord.  The PMIA is a top secret organization of both penguins and penguin-lovers alike.  Our goal is world domination.  We will achieve this by any means necessary.  If you wish to enroll in the penguin military then you have come to the right place.  Go to the Forms page to join, or browse the site for more information.  If you reveal any important information given on this site to any penguin-haters, then you will be severely punished.  Feel free to browse the site and discover what we have in store for the new world.....

Click HERE to vist the new and improved PMIA forum.

Origin of PMIA
One day while I was out swimming around off the coast of Antarctica trying to catch some fish, a boat suddenly came out of nowhere.  It said "San Diego Zoo Animal Squad."  Some divers came off the boat and grabbed me.  Luckily, I had my 12-guage on me.  I kept it concealed until just the right moment, which came six months later.  I finally got sick of that place.  When the zoo keeper came in one day, I was hiding behind the door.  Before he noticed what was going on, I smacked him with a giant fish.  I then stole the keys to the supply room and threw him into the water in my exhibit.  I then waddled out to the supply room, wearing his uniform.  I raided their supply room of all the fish that they had.  I also "borrowed" a couple machetes.  I blew the joint as fast as I could.  Before I was completely free, the po-po showed up.  I managed to hide before they found me.  I made my way back to Antarctica by stowing away on a ship.  The whole time during my escape, I was plotting on how to get revenge on the humans who locked me up.  I found that many other penguins were interested, and also some people that loved us also helped out.  Together we formed Penguin Military Intelligence Agency, or PMIA.  Our goal is to rule the world and eat fish.  The dream of mine is now under way.  The world should soon be mine!

Please help the PMIA continue to grow by giving money for development.  Remeber, any amount helps.

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Please help the PMIA continue to grow by giving money for development.  Remeber, any amount helps.