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Penguin Military Intelligence Agency



Our main headquarters is located deep inside the base of a mountain towards the heart of Antarctica.  It is 19(construction is in progress) stories and extends far underground.  You must find the secret entrance where you must show an ID.  Each floor descends and goes further into the base of the mountain.  We cannot give the exact latitude and longitude for fear of enemy intelligence or traitors of our own.  We hold all of our main research in this base and also have storage.  It is surrounded by hidden cameras, tripwires, alarms, AA guns/field cannons, air patrol, and foot patrol.  It is all but impenetrable.  Any unidentified intruders will be either vaporized immediately, or taken into custody for questioning and experiments.

The levels of the base are as follows: 

1st floor- Front desk, 2nd floor- Officer's dining, 3rd floor- Officer's quarters, 4th floor- Officer's offices, 5th floor- 1st research area, 6th floor- 2nd research area, 7th floor- 3rd research area, 8th floor- Chemical research area, 9th floor- Nuclear research area, 10th floor- Regular arms' storage, 11th floor- Explosives' storage, 12th floor- Chemical weapon storage, 13th floor- 14th floor- Nuclear weapon storage, 15th floor- Top secret development progress, 16th floor- Nuclear testing lab, 17th floor- Head security offices, 18th floor- Member database, 19th floor- Top secret weapon storage, 20th floor- Classified files database, 21st floor- Blueprints/layouts design, 22nd floor-Conference room, 23rd floor- Satellite monitoring systems, 24th floor- Meeting Floor, 25th floor- prisoner hold, 26th floor- UNDER CONSTRUCTION...

Each level is patrolled daily by foot troops and monitored by cameras, motion sensors, and heat sensors.  Any person caught on a floor that (s)he is not allowed will be taken into penguin custody for interrogation, taken before penguin court, and punished as the Overlord sees fit.

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