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Penguin Military Intelligence Agency


The Army
These are the officers of the penguin army by descending rank....
General: Jonathan Billings; Colonel: Zack Murray; Lieutenant Colonel: Thomas Bradley; Major: Taylor Johnson; Captain: Shannon Randell; Sergeant: Anna Aycock; Corporal: Jake Bennett; Private: Samantha Mayes
Here are some other people that deserve a title for one reason or another...
Commander-in-chief: Penguin Overlord; Engineer: Kyle Russell; Techie: Zack Murray; T.R.I.O.: Garrett Stevens; Trigger-happy redneck: Alan Caldwell; Imperial guard chief: Jon Roberts; Weapon design- Kyle Russell.
These are the members of the Penguin High Council (PHC):
Thomas Bradley, Zack Murray, and Colby Nance.
(More slots available)

The other recruits of the penguin military include the following people: 
Anna Aycock, Jonathan Beckham, Jake Bennett, Jonathan Billings, Christopher Boaz, Jessie Boyd, Thomas Bradley, Austin Burnett, Justis Campbell, Phillip Carithers II, Hung Chin, David Cooper, Wesley Daniels, Loren Dowdy, Caitlin Eastham, Jennifer Falls, Sarah Frakes, Micah Gilmore, Erin Gourlay, Ciara Graxirena, Connor Green, Chris Heinert, Eli Hixson, Dylan Hodge, Taylor Johnson, Nathan Johnston, Andrew Knutson, Codey Kisamore, Jared Mahorn, Jason Merkel, Jenna Merkel, Jared Meyer, Alex Moore, Justin Moore, Lydia Moore, Ronnie Moore, Zack Murray, Christopher Nance, Colby Nance, Kopio Nuno, Chad Ortner, Nikki Pratt, Tiffany Shaw, Garrett Stevens, Hilarey Thurston, Barika Williams, Charlene Wilson, Hunter Wilson, Corey Winter.

If you have searched the list and found that your name is absent or misspelled, please contact the Overlord.

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